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500 Meals a Day for Maui

Chef Zach Sato is the leading force behind the safe Havens drive and commitment to providing 500 meals a day to our Maui community. Zach has been working with a team of volunteers to source, process and prep meals daily at our havens kitchen’s. It costs approximately $1500/day to provide the 500 meals to our local shelters. We are working with World Central Kitchen for the most efficiency in getting food where it’s needed, when it’s needed around the island. All proceeds will go directly to covering food costs, and directly into the hands of our Maui community in need. Havens restaurants Maui will provide the grade A kitchen to produce the meals for our community.

Your donations, love and support is appreciated by the entire Maui community. Follow us online to see your dollars getting directly into the communities stomachs @havens_ogg @satocooks. Mahalo for your support.

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