Zion's Meet & Dream 2022

Dear faithful people of Zion,

May God fill your days with grace and peace in this year! I am writing this letter to share with you the voting results of the Zion’s Meet & Dream of 2022.

23 people voted in-person and 9 people voted by sending their ballots. In total, 32 people voted. Out of the 18 listed dreams, the following top three (3) choices were selected by these voters.

  • Program/Events/Activities for the community (10 votes)

  • Programs for Children (10)

  • Sunday School during church service every Sunday or Twice a month (9)

There were other dreams that Zion showed its interest.

  • Use our beautiful buildings and facilities more for fellowship activities and gatherings. (7 votes)

  • Joint youth groups/programs with other nearby churches (7)

  • Marketing/Advertisements for Zion (7)

  • Add Contemporary style worship service (6)

  • Connect with people who come to our events (5)

  • Church open houses (5)

  • Outreach Programs (5)

  • Create a community liaison committee (5)

  • Outsource professionals for a better-quality program to attract young people and others within the community (4)

  • Bible Study Program (3)

  • Creating a clear and faithful Mission statement (2)

  • Non-traditional church gatherings and programs (1)

As we have committed, we will make sure those top three (3) dreams be carried out no matter what it takes. This voting result shows very important vision of Zion members.

  1. Zion wants to dedicate to nurturing the future generation.

  2. Zion wants to be a church for the community: Church that connects closely with community, provide programs, and help for the community.

  3. Zion wants to be visible to the community.

This strong vision is well noted and will be addressed in every ministry of Zion. As your pastor, I commit to lead Zion with this vision in mind. As a start, I would like to make two suggestions to the Zion council as we begin this new year of dreams come true.

  1. Revisit our vision and mission statements reflecting the vision of our members to create clear strong statements that show what Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is in this challenging world.

  2. Form three (3) Dream Teams, one (1) dedicated to each vision, areas which includes the task of three (3) top dream choices.

  3. Ministry for the future generation

  4. Ministry for the community

  5. Ministry for the marketing

You will hear about this shortly after a thorough discussion with council.

Thank you so much for your wonderful input. I appreciate you and your dreams and praise God for bringing us together to Zion to be the hands and feet of God for a such a time as this.

Hallelujah! Amen!


Your pastor, Jisun.