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Zion is looking for a new Music Director

Our church is currently seeking a new music director to play at worship services and to lead our choir and worship team. If you are passionate about music and have a heart for ministry, we would love to hear from you.

The duties include:

  1. Under the guidance of the Pastor, she/he will select hymns and music appropriate to the liturgical calendar.

  2. Play at all worship services.

  3. Play for special non-worship Zion events.

  4. Provide a supply organist for vacation and illness.

  5. Hire vocalists/instrumentalists for special services.

  6. Direct choir, ensemble, bell choir, and children’s choir rehearsals.

  7. Actively recruit and promote members for the choir.

  8. Purchase musical supplies within budget.

  9. Assist the Sunday School Superintendent and Christian Education Committee.

  10. Play for weddings and funerals in the Sanctuary when requested. There is a bench fee for those times when the organist is asked not to play. 

  11. Attend meetings of the Worship and Music Committee.

  12. The music director will meet monthly, at a minimum, with the Pastor.

If interested, please email resumes and references to Zion Lutheran Church at:

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