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CHRISTMAS-AT-SEA A Holiday Initiative

It's that time again for us to prepare for our Christmas Gifts for the Seafarers.

The Satchels have arrived and are in the Narthex. Please consider taking & filling one or more.

We will again supply the Hats & Scarves.

The filled Satchels will be collected at the Advent Workshop on Sunday, November 19th. Of course, you can bring them earlier & leave them in the Narthex.

90% of global trade is transported on the high seas by crew members on container ships who remain invisible to most people, yet our supply chains depend on their services. Seafarers are the “unseen essential workers” and are overworked, frustrated and lonely. Therefore, we invite you, your business, school group or congregation to bring joy to seafarers who will not be home with their loved ones for Christmas. Our port chaplains safely deliver the satchels filled with gifts to the ships for the holiday. Every crew member on a ship regardless of their faith or nationality will open their satchels, each containing:

· One Sweatshirt – hooded or unhooded (size M-L-XL)

· Three Pairs of Socks – thermal or gym

· One T- Shirt (size M-L-XL)

· One Can of Nuts, Large Bar of Chocolate, or Health Snack Bar

· A Holiday or Christmas Card from YOU!

You pick the colors, styles and brands, but please no substitutions from the list. For the safety of seafarers, please do not add fringes or pom-poms to the hats and scarves. The Christmas-at-Sea satchels should be comparable for each member of the crew. Please assemble each satchel with sweatshirts and T-shirts of the same size and label the satchel with a M, L, or XL on the back side.

What might otherwise have been another lonely night at sea becomes a joyous occasion, because complete strangers share the spirit of Christmas with seafarers!

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