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Leading people to Christ through our example.


Celebrating over 200 years as a gathering place for all God’s people, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saddle River New Jersey honors its history and Lutheran heritage while leading people to Christ through worship, prayer, outreach, music, fellowship, God’s Word, and the administration of the Holy Sacraments.


The cornerstone of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church was placed on October 20, 1820. A bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, a bible and a hymn book were placed within the Church cornerstone. The building was dedicated October 14th, 1821.

Our People

Pastor Headshot.jpg

Rev. Dr. Jisun Kwak


Pastor Jisun is an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church, with which the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has had a Full Communion Partnership since 1999. She has also served as District Superintendent in several geographic areas in New Jersey as well as being chosen to be a Clergy Delegate to the 2016 General Conference of the United Methodist Church. Pastor Jisun was born and raised in South Korea and after earning her Bachelor’s degree in theology and social work, she relocated to the United States where she continued her studies at Drew University, earning Masters of Divinity, M.Ph. in Religion and Society and Ph.D. in Religion and Psychology. 


Jane (Euiju) Yoo

Music Director

Jane majored in classical composition in Korea and came to the United States to receive a bachelor's and master's degree in jazz piano. She composes, arranges, records, performs, and gives piano lessons. You can listen to her hymns and jazz performances on her YouTube channel. @Jazz Jane


Church music is not just a part of her life; it is the very essence of her music. She learned and continues to learn music at church, including choir, conducting, accompaniment, band performance, and performing for concerts. The joy and fulfillment she experiences when performing at church is unparalleled. She is excited to share this joy with all of you at Zion.

Our Affiliation

Our Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ( New Jersey Snyod (

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